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Arizona Divorce Lawyer- Alexander Nirenstein Arizona Divorce Lawyer

Arizona Divorce Lawyer Mr. Nirenstein, responsible for the supervision of Nirenstein Garnice PLLC's business operations, has grown to be one the most sought-after divorce attorneys in the Southwest, handling cases involving prominent social figures and celebrities. As Nirenstein Garnice PLLC's Managing Member, Mr. Nirenstein heads a legal team of renowned reputation and expansive experience that provides strategic counsel in some of Arizona's most high-profile and highly contentious litigated cases. He has also dealt extensively with complex community property distribution and business matters, as well as interstate and international custody disputes.

With an edge for business, and a mind for taking the unbeaten path, Mr. Nirenstein's success in the legal field includes working closely with the president of the New York Chapter of American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers in New York, where he also represented a multitude of the state's most prestigious and high-net-worth clients in family law cases.

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