Los Angeles Bifurcation Of Marriage Attorneys


Los Angeles California Divorce Lawyer Atousa Saei discusses California bifurcation of marriage laws, issues surrounding California divorces and how she can help you through this trying time.

Dissolutions can be really long contentious processes. They often get carried out and drawn out for extended periods of time. During the course of this process, your life is on hold. Often times you can’t get married, you can’t buy a house because you’re still married to the person that you’re fighting in court. People often fear getting a dissolution for this very reason because they don’t know how long it’s going to take. They don’t know how long they’re going to be stuck in here and they can’t move on. However, in California there is a way out; it’s called a Bifurcation where the court actually separates the issues that you’re fighting over, over your status as a married couple. You can get a Bifurcation simpler and easier in a less contentious manner usually and you go back to your status as a single individual and you can move on with your life while still fighting over whatever issues remain.

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